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  • Jeremy Fritsche

A Statement About City Council’s Northlands Decision

We know our community (and many others) have been following the situation at Northlands with great interest. After City Council’s decision about Northlands, the Bellevue Community League has released the following statement about Northlands:

As a community league that shares a border with Borden Park and with the Northlands grounds we are, and have always been, directly impacted by the use of these spaces.

In March 2016 the Bellevue Community League stated to the Mayor and Council that we would welcome the opportunity to work with the City of Edmonton, Northlands or any organization tasked with development of the Northlands site. Thus far we have not been included in any discussions and until we have more specific information about what this latest decision means it is extremely difficult to comment with any accuracy.

Work on a new vision for the Northlands site should have started the day after the new arena deal was confirmed. Bellevue is invested in, concerned about, and will be an active voice on the future of the Northlands site going forward.

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