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League Documents

See below for community league documentation, including board meeting minutes, bylaws, governing documents, and archival records.

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Governing Documents

League Bylaws

The primary governing document of the community league. Outlines operational rules of the league and the general duties of its directors.

Objects of the Society

Define what activities the community league can pursue. Outlines the most fundamental goals and objectives of the league and limitations to our activity.

Tripartite License Agreement

A contract between the community league, the City of Edmonton, and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL), which spells out land use and sets out the terms and conditions under which the community league can continue to occupy the property. It also defines the responsibilities of the City and the community league in the development and maintenance of the grounds and facilities.

Municipal Census Data

City of Edmonton area profiles for the neighbourhoods of Bellevue and Virginia Park, which uses census data to show details on the population and housing makeup of our communities.

A Community Profile

Virginia Park:
A Community Profile

Historic Documents

Lease Agreement (December 1958)

League Constitution (April 1959)

Correspondence Regarding Incorporation (May 1966)

League Bylaws (September 1966)

Correspondence Regarding Incorporation (November 1966)

Bylaws Registration (April 1967)

League Bylaws (April 1967)

Lease Agreement (January 1967)

Club Room Rules & Regulations
(Date Unknown)

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