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Our AGM is May 21st. This is all the ways you can be involved with the League

On May 21, The Bellevue Community League is holding its AGM and will be

electing a new Board. Our Bylaws, which can be found on our Resource page,

describe lots of roles for the Board. The more roles we fill, the more work can

be done by league, making for a great community.

Below I have listed the roles, and they do for the Leage. In addition, there are

number of other volunteer options that we will be look for in the future. Check

them out!

The President:

Supervises the affairs of the Board, chairing meetings of the

Board and is ex officio member of all Committees, Including the Historical

Designation committee which is working to obtain a history designation for our

nearly 75-year-old hall. The president is also the voice of the League and the


The Vice-President:

The back up for the President when they are away and

will chair meetings when asked. The VP reviews the Bylaws, Policies and

Procedures of the League to make sure they are current and helps ensure

that the board is following those rules. This is a great opportunity for someone

to learn the ropes of the League, if you don’t want to make the important

decisions... at least not yet.

The Secretary:

Comes to all Board meetings and takes exact minutes of these meetings. The

secretary keeps the records for all meetings and makes sure the AGM is

called in the required timeframe The secretary also ensures all legal

documents are completed annually to remain a legal entity.

The Treasurer:

Works with the League’s bookkeeper makes sure all the bills are paid and the

league revenue is collected, while tracking those revenue and expenditures.

Ensures the finances are audited annually and presented to the League at the


Membership Director:

The membership director is in charge of the membership record, keeping it

safe and accurate. They also make sure all membership fees (when we have

them) are collected.

Program Director: Develops and Oversees programs that meet the needs

of the community. These are ongoing programs for seniors, youth and other

community members that promote community connection and usually

have an element of learning in the process.

Social Director:

Develops and oversees events. These are short term or sporadic events, that

get the community together to share company, such as Pub Nights,

Potlucks and BBQs.

Sports Director:

Develops and oversees a separate sports Program. Usually these are youth

programs and could include, like soccer or softball/baseball.

Civics Director:

Talks with City departments such as Planning and Development;

Transportation, and City Council. Current topics may include District Planning,

water treatment plant redevelopment. This would be a great role for someone

that wants to keep on top of the Northlands redevelopment.

Community Safety Director:

Talks with the Edmonton Police and other safety organizations. Brings safety

programs to the community. Some communities work with Neighbourhood

Watch or Vision Zero to bring a greater sense of safety to the community.

Communications Director: Makes sure our community knows what’s going

on with the League, as well as what is happening in the, neighbouring

communities, and in the City that may affect them. Keeps up the Social Media

Posts, the website and sends out regular digital Newsletters.

There is more!

The Community League is looking to hear from community members that just

want to volunteer.

Some options are:

Help on a Committee or Team (they’re pretty informal). This could be the

Historical Resource Designation team or the Christmas Potluck team or the

BBQ team.

Host an Event: A Pub Night or a Watch Party, or something else. Frequent events need need hosts to keep them going and keep them popular.

Run a Program: You don’t have to be director to run a program. If you have

an idea to bring community together on a regular basis and think you know

exactly how to do that, give us a shout.

Volunteer Coor Cooridnator: A lot of our work needs volunteers, even for just a

day. Help us recruit, track, and reward our volunteers, for their great efforts.

If you have read this far, you must be really interested in bringing community

together and being a part of that. Come to our AGM on May 21 st . Have a

burger and let us know how you think

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