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Bellevue Historical Mural Project

For its 95th Anniversary the Bellevue Community League has commissioned six murals depicting the history of the neighborhood and the league, to be installed on the exterior of the Bellevue Community Centre.

The anticipated outcomes of this project are:

  • To create a lasting visual depiction of significant historical events and activities in the Bellevue community.

  • To enhance the appearance and profile of the Bellevue Community Centre.

  • To increase awareness of the history and importance of the Bellevue Community to the development of the City of Edmonton.

  • To increase community pride.

Project Approach and Implementation Plan

A Heritage Project Committee has been established, consisting of the Past President of Bellevue Community League and three community volunteers. The committee will work with the Bellevue Community League Board to complete the following tasks, in the timeframe indicated.


 Volunteers will research the history of the Bellevue community through review of City of Edmonton archives records and interviews with local residents.

March-July 2015

Volunteers will identify important or key historical community events and activities.

March-July 2015

Board will engage a local artist (Lorraine Shulba of Little Blue Bug Studios) to develop preliminary sketches of the important or key historical community events/activities (Note: The artist was given an advance to provide sketches. This expense ($1000) was deducted from our budget request.)

Spring 2015

Approve sketches and engage Lorraine Shulba to paint murals.

Summer 2015

Engage a contractor (574216 Alberta Ltd.) to prepare the community league building for the installation of the murals.

Summer 2015

Install the murals on the exterior of the building.

September 2015

Plan a celebration at the Bellevue Community Centre to unveil the murals.

September 2015

Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination: Conduct outreach activities to share the important and key historical events and activities. This will include speaker series, newsletter articles, and presentations at Virginia Park School.

September 2015

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