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Eastglen Leisure Centre Update

Bellevue Community League received an update today from Rob Smyth, Branch Manager of Community Recreation Facilities, regarding Eastglen Leisure Centre:

You may have heard that there were plans to privatize or close Eastglen but that is not the case. However, since Eastglen Leisure Centre is a lower-use pool, the City had considered entering into an agreement with a specialized, preschool learn-to-swim program. Our hope was that offering a unique learning experience for children and parents could increase attendance at Eastglen.While discussions have taken place with this pre-school lesson provider, we have not entered into any formal agreements, and will not until certain community issues are addressed…While we had planned to hold another community meeting at the end of August, due to the complexity and sensitivity of this matter, we want to take the time necessary to thoroughly review and evaluate all potential options. As such, we will provide you with a further update in the fall.

The full text of the letter can be found here: Aug 12 2015 Eastglen Letter

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