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Sonic Boom – Labour Day Long Weekend

You have probably noticed the fence that has gone up around the Bellevue Community Hall and the east end of Borden Park. And you have probably heard the sound checks this morning. Sonic Boom is here again, this time it’s closer to your backyard, 2 days instead of 3 days, and we’ve been invited to the party.

If you live in the immediate vicinity of the site, you probably received a letter in your mailbox outlining the details for the 2 day event (sent to households within the “Community Notification Area” as per the map below). If not, here are the details below:

UNION EVENTS is excited to be bringing Edmonton’s favourite summer music festival back for 2015. Since you live nearby to the festival site, we want to answer some questions you might have and make sure you know we’ve done everything we can to make the festival run smoothly and limit the disturbance to area residents.


SONiC BOOM starts at 11am, and ends at 11pm each day. Sound checks will start at 8am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Sonic Boom has adopted several approaches to mitigate noise concerns at the event. We will obtain a noise waiver for the event which is standard for events/festivals with amplified entertainment. Although the noise waiver allows us to operate at higher decibels for a longer period of time, we are required to be good neighbours by ensuring the sound reading do not exceed 90db at the boundary of the event. We have positioned the stage facing away from the community and our sound equipment will allow us to bend the sound waves into the event area thereby reducing the impact to the surrounding communities. In addition, multiple sound meter reading will be taken by Union Events and the City of Edmonton throughout the event and in various locations. Finally, the Civic Events Office has requested Bylaw officers visit the main area multiple times during the event.


We will be promoting several forms of transportation to our attendees; parking at Northlands which has increased availability from previous years, public transit which has two LRT stops within a less than 10 minute walk, and bicycles which will have a dedicated lock up area. Surrounding neighbourhoods already have a parking restriction program in place. We will make periodic announcements from the stage reminding attendees that illegal parkers will be ticketed. Please call 311 in the event there is a parking issue in your community.


Sonic Boom’s security will be managed by a private security company and the Edmonton Police Service. We will have stationary and roving teams to oversee the event site and Borden Park amenities. There will be 24/7 coverage of the event site from Wednesday, Sept. 2 to Tuesday Sept, 8. At the end of each event night the security team will sweep Borden Park to ensure attendees have left the area.


Check out for the latest information. However, as a resident of the immediate vicinity of the site, we are happy to offer your household two (2) complimentary tickets to the festival. If you would like to attend, please email us at with your address and we will allocate a pair of tickets for you. These may be picked up at the event with identification showing your address.


The venue of Borden Park and its surrounding area have proven how awesome they are by letting us take over this amazing site. Borden Park is one of Edmonton’s finest and most historic parks, and deserves our respect as visitors. Reduce waste where possible, dispose of garbage properly, don’t break anything, be your best person on and off the site. Encourage others to do the same.

We’re excited to bring SONiC BOOM back for 2015, and it’s important to us that we work with the community to make sure that music lovers have a blast, but that residents feel good about the festival ass well.

If you have further questions about our events, please contact and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Please note that Northlands is not involved in the production or hosting of Sonic Boom 2015.

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